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NativeRecruiter Job Openings

Candidates Needed For :

Compensation & Classification Analyst - SW casino/hotel/golf resort 

(HR & Compensation/Classification Certifications required for above)

Network Administrator - So. Central U.S. casino/hotel

CFO - Pac NW Tribal government (CPA required)

CPO (Chief People Officer) - Pac NW casino/hotel

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) - Pac NW casino/hotel

Executive Chef - Pac NW casino/hotel

Credit Manager - Pac NW casino/hotel

Cage/Slot Manager - Pac NW casino/hotel/golf

Marketing Director - Pac NW casino/hotel/golf

Accounting Assistant Controller - Pac NW casino/hotel/golf

Director of Finance - So. Central casino/hotel

Marketing Sales Manager and Sales Executive - Pac NE casino/hotel/golf

Accounting Manager - Pac NW casino/hotel/golf

Executive Host - Pac NW casino/resort/golf

COO - Pac NW Tribal Enterprises

Facilities Director - Pac NW casino/hotel